If you  have recently purchased cucumbers from a local market or grocery store, here is a heads up for you. The Department of Health and Hospitals is looking to quell a potential outbreak of salmonella that has been linked to contaminated cucumbers.

Dr. Jimmy Guidry says his office assisting other agencies across other states in the recall of cucumbers that were distributed by Andrew and Williamson Fresh Produce. It is believed that cucumbers from this distributor can be connected to three cases of salmonella reported in the state.

We’re definitely making sure that these cucumbers that were distributed by Andrew and Williamson Fresh Produce are removed from the market so we don’t have any other cases, if we can prevent it.

Guidry's comments were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network. He went on to say that the good news in this case is that there are not many grocery stores and markets that are supplied from this distributor. Still he encourages consumers to double check where they purchased their vegetables and get rid of any cucumbers that they are not sure about.

Guidry said that none of the salmonella cases in Louisiana have resulted in any long term adverse health care effects. Although they aren't long term, the effects aren't pleasant.

You know the symptoms we see with Salmonella, which is what they seem to be contaminated with, is G.I. upset, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fevers.

Obviously those symptoms are not something anyone wants to experience, even for a short time.