Acadiana native and Team USA Olympic Gymnast Savannah Vinsant stopped by "Mornings With Ken and Bernie" today to discuss her recent experience in London.

The 19 year old trampolinist ranked walking in the Olympic Opening Ceremonies and meeting stars like Lolo Jones and Kobe Bryant as her favorite moments.

You hear the stands go nuts because they are ready to see the athletes, there are no empty seats in the stadium, my heart was racing. My heart still races thinking about the experiences.

Despite the months of intense training and sacrifice, Savannah maintains that all her hard work was worth every minute.

There's been several bumps in the road leading here. At time's I'd catch myself wondering "why am I doing this? Am I going anywhere?", but honestly I can say I do not regret one decision in my journey. It's all led me to fulfill my dreams and I couldn't ask for anything better.

Savannah will be among the athletes on Kellogg's  Tour of Gymnastics Champions which will stop by the Cajun Dome on the 21st of October.

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