An Army Reservist competing in the recently concluded Olympic Games in Rio demonstrates what real respect for our National Anthem is all about. This is Sgt San Kendricks. As you can see he is in the middle of his pole vault attempt when he hears our country's anthem begin.

What happens next made my heart swell with pride. He stopped in his tracks and began to desperately search for an American Flag to salute.  I wish all Americans felt as strongly about respecting our nation and all the amazing privileges it offers.

Sadly some athletes do not believe America is worthy of their respect.

If you didn't hear San Francisco 49er Quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand during the playing our National Anthem at a recent preseason football game. He addressed the media and suggested that he doesn't plan on standing for the anthem anytime soon.

I understand that is his right. That very right is one of the reasons Mr. Kaepernick should be standing in the first place. That is my opinion. I would certainly love to hear your thoughts on Mr. Kaepernick and his actions.