Glenn Fleming joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' for "Firearms Friday" and discussed:

  • firearm safety
  • Vice-President Joe Biden
  • magazines vs clips

We asked Glenn if the "safety" on a firearm is sufficient and he replied,

The "safety" on a gun is just a mechanical thing and with anything mechanical it's bound to break.  Your best "safety" is yourself.

Vice-President Joe Biden back pedaled on his recent double-barrel shotgun self defense advice and we asked Fleming what he thought of the latest advice Biden had, to shoot through the door at intruders.  His reply,

That's going to be one surprised Girl Scout right there.

Since there has been so much talk about gun regulation lately magazines and clips have been used interchangeably by the uninformed so we asked Glenn to explain the difference.  You can hear his answer by listening to the interview: