Glenn Fleming joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today for 'Firearms Friday' and covered topics from gun safety to failed gun laws to modifying handguns to accommodate laser sights.

Earlier in the show we had been discussing the possibility of using a paint-ball gun to deter neighborhood dogs from doing their business in one's yard and Glenn advised that might be a bad idea.  According to Fleming,

First off it might be considered cruelty to animals if you actually used a paint-ball gun on a dog and secondly a neighbor might mistake the paint-ball gun for a real weapon and call the cops to report your discharge of a weapon.

With regards to new gun control measures enacted in some states Fleming noted a fine example of legislation that was not well thought out.

In Colorado they enacted all these Draconian anti-gun laws and the do-gooders wanted to do a gun buy-back.  Basically they wanted to buy guns to take them off the streets...It turns out they couldn't because of the same laws.  They have to have background checks with every gun transfer.

One of our KPEL NewsJunkies called in and asked if a laser sight could be retro-fitted on his .357 Magnum and Fleming said,

I'm not familiar with all types of .357's but Crimson Trace makes a lot of grips that have lasers embedded into the grip.  There are certain others out there but I won't lie to you they are rather expensive.

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