Glenn Fleming Acadiana Gunworks photo

This week on 'Firearms Friday' Glenn Fleming joined Dr. John Sutherlin and Ken Romero to discuss among other things:

  • Muzzle brakes
  • Constitutional carry
  • La. Senate Bill 651
  • Hillary Clinton's stand on guns
  • "May issue" versus "shall issue"
  • Oklahoma gun laws

Starting off with a safety tip as he usually does Fleming thought it wise to discuss muzzle brakes. According to Fleming,

A muzzle brake is an attachment that fits on the end of some rifles. Basically it cuts down on recoil and it's pretty effective for that however it does a couple of other things. It makes the gun noticeably louder. Remember you have little bits of carbon and stuff coming out of the end of your barrel well muzzle brakes direct that blast energy instead of going forward, they direct it usually to the side and back. So when you're shooting at a range if there's somebody on the side of you always be aware that you're peppering them with part of the blast from your gun.

A 'constitutional carry' bill was introduced and defeated in this session of the Louisiana Legislature and we Glenn to explain the law and the opposition to it. Glenn said,

Basically 'constitutional carry' says...that the states cannot tell you to carry. There should be a constitutional right to carry either concealed or open carry. People who are against constitutional carry say if there is a constitutional carry and paperwork is not filed, police won't know who is carrying.

In case you were wondering how Hillary Clinton felt about gun control Fleming had that answer.

Speaking at the conference for the National Council for Behavioral Health Clinton railed against the 'gun culture' calling it out of control.

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