Glenn Fleming from Acadiana Gun Works joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today for 'Firearms Friday' and discussed the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, instances of concealed-carry permit holders getting the best of criminals and holiday safety.

Wondering what safety tip Fleming could offer up for the holidays he replied,

If you are drinking do not carry a firearm.  Even with a conceal-carry permit it is illegal to carry or use any firearm if you are drinking.

During the past few days criminals seem to have come out on the short end of confrontations with properly licensed people with firearms.  According to Fleming,

People that play stupid games win stupid prizes.  Recently a group of thugs attacked a 60 year old attempting to play a game of 'Knock Out' where the object of the games is to hit someone and knock them unconscious with one blow.  Unfortunately for the thugs the woman was armed and shot them.  In another case in Mississippi an armed robber got away with an undisclosed amount of cash by holding up a convenience store.  The suspect shot the store owner in the leg when leaving and then had the nerve to come back a few minutes later to try to get more money.  By then the store owner had retrieved his 9mm and ventilated the suspect 10 times.

50 years ago President Kennedy was shot and killed and to this day many still question if Lee Harvey Oswald could have been the lone gunman.  We asked if it were possible for one person to have killed Kennedy and Fleming said,

The fatal round came from a distance of only 88 yards so it was possible that the shot did come from Oswald's rifle.  The side-mounted 4 x 18 scope would have helped him to reacquire the target quickly and Oswald was a former Marine so he might have been able to fire three shots to kill Kennedy.  Nobody knows what if any training Oswald could have received after defecting to Russia.

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