Glenn Fleming Acadiana Gunworks photo

This week on 'Firearms Friday' Glenn Fleming joined Dr. John Sutherlin and Ken Romero to discuss among other things:

  • Shooting surplus ammo
  • Range etiquette
  • New conceal carry law in Louisiana
  • Mexican vigilantes
  • Bullet proof vest not very helpful
  • Hunting with suppressors
  • 3D printing of guns in Japan

Many people shoot surplus ammo and it's generally safe according to Fleming if you follow this rule,

If you're shooting steel case surplus ammo it's just a good idea to give it a 'once over'. Just shake it and if you don't hear powder that might be a giveaway that's somethings gone bad inside the case.

We next discussed the case of recent shooting in South Carolina and we determined it was hard to determine if it was a safety tip. Fleming said,

This dude said, I've got a bullet proof vest, want to see how it works? He put it on, gave a gun to his lady friend. His lady friend shot, missed, killed the dude. The worst part, we'll never know if the vest works.

To hear what Glenn had to say about our other topics click on the blue arrow below to hear the entire show:

To see more of Glenn Fleming in action be sure to check him out on YouTube at the Gunner's Vault.