Glenn Fleming from Acadiana Gun Works joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today for 'Firearms Friday' and discussed:

  • The NFL refusing Super Bowl Ads for a firearms company
  • Unexpected fallout from a recent Colorado Senator's recall
  • California confiscating legally purchased weapons
  • A Texas A & M law professor proposing the repeal of the 2nd Amendment

As usual our conversation with Glenn started with a safety discussion.  According to Fleming gift giving time can be dangerous,

If you buy or get a new gun, rifle or shotgun for Christmas don't take it out to show everyone and wave it around the room.  Many times someone will be showing off a new weapon that is 'unloaded' and winds up injuring or killing someone.

With football season heating up the NFL has turned down advertising dollars from an unlikely source.  Fleming said,

Daniels Defense makes AR-15's and has a number of defense contracts and wanted to advertise in the Super Bowl and they were turned down by the NFL.  The NFL said 'no way'.  According to the NFL "We have an advertising policy that addresses prohibited advertising categories mainly alcohol, firearms, movies, prescription drugs" and things like that.  I seem to remember lots of movie commercials and how about Budweiser commercials.  It's not the Super Bowl without the Clydesdale horses.

We recently heard of legally purchased weapons being confiscated in California and asked Fleming to clarify and he said,

I'll will tell you right now what's wrong with registering firearms.  California is now doing confiscation of legally purchased firearms.  How are they doing that?  They are increasing the scope of what is considered a 'prohibited person'.  We're talking about people who are behind on state taxes, didn't pay toll fees in a timely manner and a wide range of other minor offenses.

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