Glenn Fleming from Acadiana Gun Works joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today for 'Firearms Friday' and as usual started our discussion with a safety tip.  There's one safety tip that cannot be repeated enough according to Fleming.

Recently another hunter shot and killed himself while crossing a fence with a loaded weapon.  Whenever you have to cross a fence with a long gun it is imperative that you unload, cross the fence and then reload.  I can assure you that 'Big Foot' won't attack you while your weapon is unloaded.

Fleming noted more absurdity involving gun control across the nation.

Earlier this week American University in Washington DC was locked down and students were ordered to 'shelter in place' after reports of a possible gunman on campus.  This came about because someone reported seeing a person wearing a 'suspicious object'.  As it turned out the object was a holster being worn by an off-duty police officer.

Children and their toys were also the object of enforcement efforts. Fleming said,

A fifth grader was suspended under the school's weapons policy after using his hands to draw a bow on a 'play' bow and arrow with a pencil being used as an arrow.  He pointed the pencil at another student who held a folder as a pretend gun.

Fleming went on to discuss a proposed law in Colorado that will permit unmanned drone hunting, a sock monkey being harassed by TSA agents and the extension of the Undetectable Firearms Act.  You can hear all of Fleming's comments by clicking the link below to hear today's 'Firearms Friday'.:

For more from Glenn Fleming visit his YouTube channel The Gunner's Vault.