Finally had to unplug my land line from the wall today before I ripped it from the wall!!!  Getting up at 3:00am to do "Mornings With Ken & Bernie" I really want to nap when I get home around Noon.  I don't want to be answering the phone every 15 minutes!

National voting registration surveys, local and state surveys, robo-calls for just about every candidate in any race...will it ever end?  Even Governor Bobby Jindal is in the act.  He has no real competition in this election but he is lending his voice to a number of candidates to maintain the aggravation level!!  I can make up my mind on the candidates without his help!  Get busy and run the state.

If a candidate comes knocking at my door I will usually take the time to hear them out but repeated impersonal calls recorded by a volunteer, the governor or the candidate won't sway me.

Interesting that the "do not call" law exempts political candidates and political research.  This law as written applies to "land lines" and so far I know of nobody receiving these annoyances on a cell phone.  Cell phones may be off-limits at least for the time being because you get to keep a cell number even if you move to another state.  If you move from the 337 area code to 202 ( Washington...heaven forbid ) the caller has no idea where you actually live so it's impossible to target the audience.  With the advent of smart phones and various tracking software programs that can pinpoint if your child is really at the library or your spouse is really visiting a sick friend in the hospital, politicians and pollsters will soon be finding ways to aggravate you wherever you are!

I think the "do not call" registry should include all calls for all phones.  I do not want to unplug my land line day and night while turning off my cell phone except for emergencies.