39-year-old Timothy Thibodeaux of Opelousas is accused of raping the victim while the child was sleeping.

St. Landry Sheriff's Office Spokesperson Captain Megan Vizena says it happened at a family member's home. Capt. Vizena says Thibodeaux and the victim knew each other but they aren't revealing how to protect the identity of the child.

“Just as we teach children about the dangers associated with crossing the street or going near a hot oven, we must talk to them about how to keep their bodies safe," says Vizena. "Encourage your children to tell you about things that happen to them that make them feel uncomfortable. If children have an open line of communication, they will be more inclined to alert you to something suspicious before it becomes a problem."

Vizena says Thibideaux remains in the St. Landry Parish Jail with no bond for aggravated rape.