Six people have been arrested by the Opelousas Police Department's Crime Suppression Team (CST) since a recent shooting left one man dead, another arrested and the threat of retaliation by family members, according to our news partners at KATC.

Over the weekend, in addition to the six arrests, the CST has issued a total of 10 summons on numerous marijuana and traffic violations, and have seized three handguns.

Concerning the shooting itself, which happened on January 3rd, Opelousas Police Chief Perry Gallow says 23-year-old Joshua Goodley of Opelousas has been charged with 2nd Degree Murder in the death of 32-year-old Eric Harrison of Opelousas.

OPD are telling people to stop using social media as a way to announce their threats of revenge and authorities will continue to monitor it and arrest those responsible.

Here are the people that have been arrested in this sting over the weekend:

19 year old Nakia Romar of 819 e Blanchard St Opel. La.
No Drivers License, Resisting an Officer, Poss. of Sched I (Marijuana), Illegal Poss of CDS in the presence of a Firearm

17 year old Javanta Thibodeaux of 425 Carrier St Opel. La.
Poss. of Stolen Firearm, Poss. of a Firearm in a Firearm Free Zone, Illegal Carrying of a Firearm.

19 year old Donnie Sam of 228 Lombard St Opel. La.
Obstruction of Justice, Poss of a Firearm in a Firearm Free Zone, Violation of Drug Free Zone

29 year old Marvin LeDay 1215 Montreal St Opel. La
Poss. With the Intent to Dist. Schedule I Drug
Transactions involving Proceeds from Drug Sales

18 year old Lydell Rubin Jr of 819 S Railroad Ave Opel. La.
Illegal Carrying of a Weapon
Resisting an Officer

29 year old Quint Carrier of 2516 W Landry St Opel. La.
Failure to Signal
Poss. of Schedule I Drug
Felon in Poss. of a Firearm