Beant Singh, St. Landry Sheriff's Office

53-year-old Beant Singh, owner of Singh's Quick Stop on Country Ridge Road in Opelousas, has been arrested for allegedly selling synthetic marijuana to his customers.

"After receiving several anonymous tips regarding Singh's Quick Stop selling synthetic marijuana to costumers, agents were able to make several purchases from behind the counter," says St. Landry Sheriff's Office spokesperson Captain Megan Vizena. "This evidence allowed us to obtain an arrest warrant for the owner and cashier of the store.”

Vizena says Singh and his cashier 38-year-old Daphane Laverge have both been arrested on drug charges. Singh is has been booked into the St. Landry Parish Jail on charges of distribution of a schedule I CDS and principle to distribution of a schedule I CDS, while Lavergne faces charges of distribution of  a schedule I CDS.

The bust was made Tuesday afternoon, in conjunction with Alcohol and Tobacco Control.

“Commonly marketed as potpourri, incense or bath salts and packaged in colorful bags, synthetic marijuana is frequently sold in convenience stores," says Vizena. "Brands appear to target children, using such names as Scooby Snacks, Mad Hatter, Mr. Happy and Joker. These illegal products are being swallowed, snorted, smoked or injected to obtain a euphoric effect.”

“These are extremely unsafe substances that are causing a great deal of harm to our young people. We are going to use all our available resources to make sure that the law is vigorously enforced and store operators that sell this trash, will be arrested!”