First let me say I am a patriotic American and an LSU fan.  That being said I think you can take being a fan a bit too far.

Recently I saw what looked like an American flag that seemed a smidge "off".  Didn't look faded or torn but in that particular light something wasn't right.  As I got closer I saw it was an American flag but instead of the traditional red, white and blue it was purple and gold.  I was horrified!  The American flag is the symbol of our nation.  A symbol paid for with the blood of young American men and women.

LSU is an incredible school that I think has the best football team in the country.

Mixing the two symbols on one flag is not right.  Fly one or the other.  Fly both, with the American flag higher than the LSU flag...that is proper flag etiquette.

What do you think?  Am I over reacting?  Please leave a comment because I really would like your opinion.