Yipee! I haven't had a "robo" call since Saturday morning.  I think I can adjust to the silence.  Wow, a whole uninterrupted nap today!  Aside from "robo" calls from both candidates directly, I've numerous calls from PAC's with the name of the opponent being mispronounced.  Seems like if you're going to pay someone to make annoying phone calls on your behalf it would be a job requirement they can pronounce correctly the name of your opponent...or maybe that was the point...the mispronunciation part I mean.

In their infinite wisdom members of Congress have exempted political calls including "robo" calls from the "do-not-call" regulations.  In theory when you place your name on the "do-not-call" registry you will not be bothered by unsolicited sales calls even though scammers seem to get by the law enough.

With all the calls I got during this election, I like many of my friends was almost ticked off enough to avoid voting.  Knowing that many brave Americans died for my right to vote made my vote a necessity for me however.  It seems like Americans died for my right to vote but they didn't die for politicians to interrupt every aspect of our lives!  I'll admit I only had one or two calls a day sometimes but friends reported 8 calls a day and one friend counted 11 calls on election day alone.  Americans did not die for the right to have someone aggravate every single voter!

I have been known to unplug my home phone for long periods of time to work or sleep uninterrupted but I even got a few "robo" calls on my cell phone!  True, I could turn cell and home phone off but when you have a mother-in-law in a nursing home and a stepdaughter nearing her delivery date you need to have some form of communication in case of an emergency don't you think?

During this coming week I will challenge our Congressmen and Senators to rectify this absurdity.  I will send e-mails to the office of each of our Louisiana delegation to have "robo" calls added to the "do-not-call" registry.  I will ask any of them to sponsor legislation to prevent politicians and political action committees from disrupting voter's lives as to negate their will to vote.  I plan to introduce a petition to that effect on the White House website that I will ask Louisiana voters to sign.  I will also ask Louisiana voters to urge friends and relatives in other states to join in our petition.  Maybe....just by the slightest chance...if we protest loud enough we can get this problem fixed before the next election cycle.

I promise not to "robo" call you but I will urge you on the air and on Facebook to join the petition.

I wonder if either candidate in the run-off election got "robo" calls from their opponent?  I really hope so.