You probably already do it without even knowing it.  We all infuse flavors into our food.  It is simply adding a flavor to something that isn't there to begin with.  Personal Chef Jon Soileau tells us that it is easier than what you think.  He said,

When you add something to the mix, basically what you are doing when you add that flavor in there is you are infusing it.

Soileau said that when you put flavor into something, you really need to let it simmer.  He said that smoking meat involves a long time and while that doesn't apply to everything, it is important to take the time that you need to.  He also mentioned that you need to make sure that you don't go overboard.

There are times that it doesn't take simmering, it just takes marinating.  But you will have a much bolder impact than if you just throw it in and go.

Soileau said that you will appreciate it if you consciously try to infuse flavors into your food.

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