The Denver Broncos finished the 2013 regular season with record-breaking offensive numbers. Quarterback Peyton Manning played lights out, breaking both the single season touchdown record (55), and the single season passing yards record (5,477).

But did he really best Brees' record for passing yards in a single season?

A closer look reveals that Manning actually fell short of the mark by six yards after a "pass" to Eric Decker for a seven yard gain in the first quarter was clearly a lateral.

The question now is, will the league be super awkward and take away Manning's record - especially now that fans have celebrated his amazing 2013 regular season that plays perfectly into the comeback storyline of one of, if not THE greatest quarterback to ever play the game?

Is it fair to Brees for the NFL to just "let it slide" because Peyton Manning being awesome is "good for business?" After all, Manning only beat Brees' record by one yard.

It's highly likely that the Broncos would have kept Manning in until he did break the record (he sat the entire second half) being that he was so close; but fair is fair, right? Here, have another look.


What do you think? Was the pass a lateral? You know, camera angles can be deceiving. If the pass is indeed ruled a lateral, should the league do what's technically right even though it will screw Manning out of a pretty big accolade that he may never reach again? Since referees mess up spotting the ball all the time, would every play have to be reviewed?

When does it end??!?!

UPDATE: ESPN is reporting that the league is taking a closer look at the play.

The league’s record-keepers were taking another look at things Monday, as is customary each week in the season. At issue, according to sources, is a 7-yard completion from Manning to Eric Decker with just over a minute remaining in the first quarter.

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Until it is fairly broken, of course. ;)

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