Philadelphia Eagle offensive tackle Jason Peters told that the New Orleans Saints "got lucky and beat us." The article goes on to say that his teammate Eagles cornerback Cary Williams concurs, even going as far to say that the Saints "weren't better than us. Period."

Needless to say, the Who Dat Nation could not disagree more. And they don't stand alone.

Ashley Fox writing for says the Saints beat the Eagles because of "one of the most effective, creative playcallers in the game and one of the most effective, efficient quarterbacks running his system." Fox goes on to mention the stats and that, despite Brees throwing two interceptions, the Saints outplayed Philadelphia. And Ms. Fox doesn't leave out the fact that they were able to hold back the NFL's rushing leader. Luck?

Joining the chorus of "Well Played, Saints" is Gregg Rosenthall, "Around The League" Editor for who calls a sour grape just that. A loss is tough to any player who fights the good fight, but Rosenthall calls for the mine-is-better-than-yours banter to stop because it "always comes off sounding ridiculous." In his estimation and when the it comes right down to the wire, as Rosenthall concludes, "the better team won."

Who Dat got lucky? We don't think so. Mr. Rosenthall said it best:

"The better team won." Period.