The St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office is reporting residents are receiving calls from scammers posing as sheriff's detectives.

Sheriff's spokesperson Traci Landry said the caller told the victim there were warrants out for his or her arrest because they had defaulted on a loan.

Somehow, the scammer obtained the victim's social security number, which would  seemingly make the scammer's claim more legitimate. The scammer demanded money of the victim to either clear the warrant or the loan.

Reports of the scam come just a week after scammers targeted residents claiming the victims owed money to the local electric company before their utilities were turned off.

"St. Mary residents and businesses need to be aware of these types of scams," Landry said. "You should never give out personal information over the phone or send/wire money."

Landry said, should anyone have questions regarding warrants, Landry said to call the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office Warrants Division at (337) 907-0407.