IBM has given some rare insights into what could happen to technology in the near future.  They are saying that, by the year 2018, you could have a phone or tablet that mimics all five senses.

Their example of touch involves shopping online and actually being able to feel what you are buying.  That would be terrific particularly if you are buying sheets or some other thing that requires touch.

The article from The Daily Mail breaks it down further on all five senses, showing how technology will give us everything that we would hope for and more from smartphones and tablets.

As I discussed this around the office, we came to the conclusion that we would all be carrying around something that would resemble a tricorder, from the Star Trek TV Series' and movies.

Technology can be many things and for the most part I find it fascinating.  There are some things that are a little frightening, however.  Thinking about how my tablet or phone will know me better than I know myself is a little unnerving.  Could this tablet end up ordering for me the next time I go to a restaurant?  Could my doctor secretly be spying on me so I put down that cheesecake that I love so much?  It boggles the mind.

I have always heard how Star Trek predicted the future and we have seen some of that.  The communicator mirrored the phone, the padd reflected the tablet computers that we are seeing.  Now we see the next step in technology that can sense everything around it.  My only question is this:  When will we be able to beam from place to place?  I think I'd rather do that than fly somewhere.  Less likely to lose the luggage.