Lafayette City Police Chief Jim Craft joined 'Mornings With Ken & Bernie' today to discuss the continuing search for Mickey Shunick.  Shunick, a 22 year old UL student, has been missing since early this past Saturday morning.

We asked Chief Craft if there was anything new in the search, any substantial leads and Craft replied,

"No, and that's what we're hoping for.  Just one person saying 'I saw this or I saw that'.  And we get a lot of those leads and for the most part they don't pan out."  Chief Craft went on to say, "We continue to follow up on every lead we get.  We've had literally hundreds of calls and that's what we need to make for a successful investigation."

Chief Craft said searches have been made on foot, by bike, Segway, helicopter and fixed wing aircraft to no avail.  He said searches would continue today starting from 100 Ryan Street where Shunick was last seen.

Listen to the interview: