BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — *UPDATE* A'Kyleana Latham has been found in the Baton Rouge are and is safe. The investigation into the death of Taylor Latham is ongoing.

Baton Rouge police are searching for the missing toddler after the child's mother was found dead in a vehicle from a gunshot wound.

A'Kyleana Louise Latham 2, photo courtesy of Louisiana State Police

The Advocate reports 2-year-old A'Kyleana Louise Lathan has not been seen since Saturday. Police found the body of the toddler's mother, 24-year-old Taylor Lathan, Monday evening and believe the shooting occurred Saturday night.

A'Kyleana Louise Latham 3, photo courtesy of Louisiana State Police

Police say the mother and toddler are believed to have moved from Texas a few months ago.

The investigation is ongoing.

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