UPDATE: The vehicle pictured above has been identified as the vehicle involved. Lafayette Police say it's been located and the identity of the driver is known at this time. The driver, who got away when officers tried to make contact on foot, will be cited for traffic violations related to the incident.

Another vehicle was struck by this one after it left the downtown area. The driver fled that crash as well.

Fortunately, Lafayette Police say no pedestrians were injured as previously thought. No other injuries were reported either.


About 5 PM near the intersection of Garfield and Taylor Streets a vehicle drove through a crowd of pedestrians attending Festival International. One woman was slightly injured and was treated at the scene of the incident behind the Children's Museum of Acadiana.

Lafayette police are asking for your help in finding the vehicle and the driver. According to witnesses, the vehicle in question was a late model Chevy Tahoe. The vehicle is dark blue in color and has a maroon right fender.

Officers attempted to stop the vehicle on foot but the driver sped away. If you know of the whereabouts of this vehicle or its driver you are asked to contact Lafayette Police