For me, silly season is the time when a campaign throws anything against the wall to see if it sticks just before an election.  You can see it if you look hard enough and we have seen it here in the latest campaign ad from the Obama campaign for re-election.

In the ad, a woman sits there to tell you that your first time needs to be with someone who cares about you.  It goes on at some length, using bad puns and innuendo over and over to make the point that you need to vote for the President.

There are many that have found the ad insulting.  There are many others that have found it disturbing.  I find it to be completely silly.  The campaign thinks that they'll be able to reach out to people by appealing to them at the lowest common denominator.  That really is not something that people look for in a President.  They look for someone to admire.  Someone to believe in.  They found it four years ago in this President, but are they finding it now?

The difference is the record that there is to run on.  He didn't have one then.  Now, he most certainly does and the proof is there, rather than in the cutesy ads that seem to come out of the Obama campaign.

Many would say that they need to stop it with these ads.  I say bring them on, because it shows clear desperation by the campaign.