In recent years we've seen political correctness rear it's ugly head to the point where there is no humor left.  I'll admit some political correctness was needed where comments, gestures or the printed word were hurtful to individuals but a recent incident in Kentucky takes it to a whole frightening level.

According to WZTV the Jennie Stuart Medical Center held their annual costume party and an employee attended wearing a Barack Obama mask and a straight jacket.  He was accompanied by two men dressed as security guards.  These men performed a skit called 'VIP Special Delivery' and took third place in the contest.

The Jennie Stuart Medical Center human resources director dispatched a letter to all 750 employees who may have been at the event or saw a picture of the costume and might have been offended.

A local pastor, C.E. Timberlake said,

I think it's very, very offensive and really, that shouldn't have happened.

Offensive?  Should not have happened?  Really?

Did anyone in America find it offensive when people wore Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton or Geoge W. Bush masks?  I don't seem to recall those being offensive and I remember seeing quite a few of those over the years.

Is it getting to the point where no political statement can be made in this country unless is made by a left-wing liberal?  Is it getting to the point that nothing can be said about the President of the United States unless it is positive?  If it's getting to that point where sensitivity will only be shown to the left everyone should be afraid...very afraid.  These actions smack of totalitarian countries like North Korea, Communist China, Cuba and the former and current Russian regime.

I have to question this incident of political correctness and wonder if it's because 'it's the President''s because he's a's because he's the first African-American President...or is it because the skin of President and the Democratic Party gets thinner and thinner with every failed attempt to govern?

I think political correctness has gotten way out of hand but it's just my opinion.  What's next?  Submitting a proposed list of 'approved' costumes for adult parties.