The University of Missouri is going way too far with this political correctness.  The University has issued a new student handbook with dates for all holidays to be celebrated during the year.  Those holidays now include Wicca and pagan holidays and that makes me wonder if we are being so sensitive that we are crowding out Christian observances with fringe religions?  The University's latest "Guide to Religions: Major Holidays and Suggested Accommodations" is designed to help faculty know when and when not to schedule exams and other student activities.  Looking over the guide could make a student lean towards becoming a pagan or wiccan due to the number of holidays.  Eight holidays will be observed to accommodate these fringe elements.  I'm sure students at the University of Missouri will flock to Wicca or pagan cults because with eight celebration days they will have more opportunities to imbibe or dare I say, binge.

With so many references to God in the founding of this nation I find it repugnant to even think about "accommodating" these so-called belief systems.  What's next?  Will the University of Missouri and other bastions of political correctness begin observing holidays for atheists and agnostics?  There's only so much political correctness this world can handle.  We as citizens have to watch everything we say so we don't offend anyone within earshot.  Us media types have to really watch what we say on-air or type in our newscasts or opinion pieces.  I was brought up to believe this was a free country but more and more I feel we are being shackled by political correctness.  Sure I agree we should not intentionally offend people but this move to accommodate all beliefs no matter how weird is going too far.