I will grant you some political correctness is needed.  Notice I said "some political correctness is needed".  This latest from the U.S. military is insane!  A new Army handbook for soldiers goes too far.  According to this handbook says soldiers should not make derogatory comments about the Taliban, advocate women's rights, criticize pedophilia or make any comments about homosexuality.  The handbook explains that members of the Afghan security forces might be offended and react violently.  This reaction could be directed at American troops.

The Wall Street Journal was able to get a copy of the proposed manual and it states,

Better situational awareness/understanding of Afghan culture will help better prepare troops to more effectively partner and to avoid cultural conflict that can lead toward green-on-blue violence. (violence directed against US troops by Afghan security forces)

So it seems American cultural ignorance is causing our soldiers to die at the hands of Afghan security troops.  I can understand them being upset with somebody ridiculing their religion but if they have a problem with a soldier condemning pedophilia or the Taliban who cares?  If any of the Aghanis think pedophilia is acceptable and the Taliban is acceptable I think we should take care of the local situation with as they say "utmost prejudice".  These Afghan troops who might be offended by our cultural ignorance don't care about our culture or moral sensibilities so I think we should deal with the problem and get out of their desolate corner of hell.  Bring our boys and girls home to protect our borders.