So what does politics, social media and your business have to do with one another?  Actually, a lot, according to Jaci Russo, who joined us today on the Afternoon Drive Home to talk about what you can learn from political candidates and their use of social media. 

Russo mentioned that Presidential campaigns have done a lot to reach out to fundraise online and through social media.  She also mentioned that the candidates have been using social media to connect with friends and learn about who they are.  They are engaging and connecting.  Russo mentioned,

Before they hit a town for a stump speech, they're using social media to get an advance team on the ground to see what is of interest in that community.  What are the things that make them tick?  Then they're taking that intel and bringing it into the messages that they deliver in person when they're on the ground in that town.

Russo mentioned that this is a great lesson to use in social media so you stop talking about yourself and start talking about what your friends are talking about.

Catch the complete interview with Jaci Russo below: