Louisiana support for President Donald Trump is split along party and race lines, according to a recent poll from Southern Media and Opinion Research. Pollster Bernie Pinsonat says Republicans really like the President with 91 percent giving him a favorable approval rating. But he says that’s a stark contrast to the Democratic opinion.

“Democrats gave him a 72 percent negative rating, and black Democrats are equally as bad up in the 80s. So it depends on the race and the party,” Pinsonat said.

The poll finds two-thirds of white voters approve of the President’s job performance with 25 percent saying he’s doing an excellent job.

Opinions are similarly split on the Affordable Care Act. Pinsonat says only 8 percent of respondents would keep the ACA as it is now. He says that’s a more popular opinion among Democrats in Washington.

“But in Louisiana 42 percent said keep it and improve it. They realize it has problems. They know it has to be improved,” Pinsonat said.

Most Democrats want to see Obamacare improved. Thirteen percent of respondents said they’d prefer the ACA to be repealed and not replaced. Pinsonat says many Louisiana Republicans agree with the GOP’s position, but not as strongly in the Bayou State as on the national level.

“Only 34 percent chose repeal and replace, which is what some of the conservative Republicans in Washington are asking for,” Pinsonat said.