A recent poll commissioned by Restore the Mississippi River Delta finds over half of Louisianans polled believe coastal land loss is at a crisis, while 96% said it needs attention. Jimmy Frederick with the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana says saving the coast isn’t just about protecting coastal cities. He says it’s important for the entire state.

“We have to protect our economy, and our economy is on our coast a lot of the time through oil and gas, through our chemical production, and through other things,” Frederick said.

The survey by Applied Technology Research Corporation also finds that 62% of respondents are in favor of Louisiana’s Coastal Master Plan. A revised master plan is up for legislative approval this year. It calls for a variety of projects to build land and reduce flood risk. Frederick says the findings show coastal restoration is important to many Louisiana residents.

“It shows some urgency because this is not a problem that we can just wait around for and hope something gets done in the future,” Frederick said.

The state’s coastal Master plan would cost $50 billion. Frederick says there are federal dollars and money from BP available to get some of the work started and this survey shows Louisiana residents want major coastal projects completed.

“We can show that we have used the money most effectively, we’re making progress, and that we deserve to have the rest of the funds or more funds to continue the projects that we have in mind,” Frederick said.