A poll on the State Treasurer's race finds it to be a wide open contest. The October 14th election features three well-funded Republicans, Angele Davis, Neil Riser and John Schroder. JMC Analytics pollster John Couvillon says the GOP candidates are polling in the high single digits.

"None of the three major announced Republicans in that race show any signs of early front-runner status," Couvillon said.

Couvillon says the biggest number from his poll is the undecided, which is 60%.

"Given that it's still relatively early in political season, nobody started spending any money, so that combined with the fact it's a down ballot state race, I was not surprised at all to see the undecideds as high as they were."
There is a major Democrat in the race, New Orleans attorney Derrick Edwards. Couvillon says in the horse race portion of the survey, Edwards polled at 18%, which is higher than the three GOP candidates.
"If the Democratic vote remains consolidated, than conceivably even someone like Derrick Edwards, who is someone not considered a major candidate, can make the run-off. "