A Southern Media and Opinion Research poll finds in the Presidential race, Republican Donald Trump is ahead with not many voters undecided.

Pollster Bernie Pinsonat says in a poll of 500 likely voters, Trump draws in 53% of the vote compared to Democrat Hillary Clinton's 39%.

He says Trump will probably will Louisiana but both candidates have a pretty high unfavorable rating.

“Her favorable are only 34%, her unfavorables are 64%, Trump’s favorables are 47% and his unfavorables are 52%.”

Pinsonat says he’s never seen an election where both candidates had an unfavorable rating over 50%, but the chances are Trump is going to win in Louisiana. He says white democrats favor Trump over Clinton, 48% to 43%.

“For her to have a shot of winning Louisiana, she needs to do a lot better with white democrats and if he can beat her with white democrats there is no sense in her spending money on jet fuel to come to Louisiana.”

The poll shows only 14% of those surveyed were undecided. Pinsonat says Governor John Bel Edwards will likely benefit from Clinton not being popular in Louisiana.

“Obviously she’ll probably spend her money elsewhere not spend a lot of time here and running around with Hillary Clinton certainly wouldn’t help his popularity in Louisiana, so he’ll probably get a break.”