Yet again, Pope Francis demonstrates unexpected behavior for a man in the highest position in the Catholic Church by taking care of an everyday task he could have just as easily let an assistant do, reports the Catholic News Agency.

Daniel Del Regno, son of the owner of the newspaper kiosk in Buenos Aires that delivered Cardinal Bergoglio his daily newspaper, answered the phone and heard a voice say, "Hi, Daniel, it's Cardinal Jorge."

Del Regno expressed his belief that he was being fooled by the person on the other end of the line, but was stunned to hear "Seriously, it’s Jorge Bergoglio, I’m calling you from Rome."

Del Regno told the Argentinean daily La Nacion "I was in shock, I broke down in tears and didn’t know what to say. He [Pope Francis] thanked me for delivering the paper all this time and sent best wishes to my family.”

Taking the time to call and cancel a newspaper subscription is just one in an ever-growing list of examples of Pope Francis' simplicity and humility. Pope Francis began his pontificate with an unrehearsed and simple address to the crowds awaiting the election of the next pope, he bowed and asked for the prayers of all present on that day, refused to wear the traditional vestments worn by a newly-elected pope, paid his own hotel bill in person, and took a bus with his colleagues in the College of Cardinals to the post-election dinner.

Perhaps most shocking of all, Pope Francis has announced his intention to celebrate the Mass of the Lord's Supper, traditionally celebrated in St. Peter's Basilica,  in a juvenile detention center in Rome. The pontiff will also wash the feet of some of the young detainees.