On December 12, 2012 Pope Benedict will step into the 21st century when he sends his first  tweet.  Even before he hits "enter" for the first time Twitter is abuzz with hate.  I can't even come close to quoting some of the tweets that have been posted because I find them disgusting.  Some of the people who have posted obviously have problems with the Catholic Church or with religion in general but it blows my mind that these people have nothing better to do with their time than post such hate.  If I don't like an actor I just don't go to his movies.  If I don't like a singer's music I don't buy or listen to it.  If I don't like a television show I change the channel.  Can't these people do the same?  If you don't like the man's message don't read it.  These Pope haters have been posting about the upcoming tweets like it is the most important thing in their lives.  If you don't like the man or his message find something else to do with your time!

Supposed comedian Rosanne Barr is one who tweeted a disrespectful comment about the Pontiff so that should let you know the caliber of the people involved.  I'm more offended by the thought of Rosanne Barr than I am about the Pope using Twitter.

I am not a Catholic but I defend the Pope's right to shepherd his flock by whatever means.  I would even defend Rosanne Barr's right to trash talk the Pope or anyone else...but I don't have to read her rants or listen to her potty mouth.