I feel we are so fortunate to live in the heart of Acadiana where mornings can start with dark roast coffee, boudin patties and scrambled eggs made with cheese and a helping of crushed cracklin.

Thanks to the purveyors of pork for a hearty Cajun breakfast.  First you stop by the grocery (any grocery because they all seem to sell boudin and many have cracklin as well) pick up some French bread, boudin and cracklin for lunch or midday snack on Saturday.  Make sure you buy enough for leftovers.

Sunday morning you put the dark roast on while you scramble the eggs with shredded cheese and 'half & half' then add a handful of cracklin chunks and crumbs (or magic pork dust).  While the eggs are finishing up remove the casing from your leftover boudin and make a couple of patties and place them on high heat so you get a little crunch.

I know my cardiologist just had a heart attack if he's reading this, but come on Doc it's just once maybe twice a year.  I really did think the surgeries gave me a 'get out of heart attack jail free' card.

Seriously I think we are truly blessed to live here in Acadiana with our Cajun roots so we can enjoy these heavenly delights occasionally.