President Barack Obama held a press conference today to offer a fix about 'Obamacare'.

The President's fix will allow Americans to hang onto their health policies that might have been canceled.

Obama said he has heard many complaints.  He says he has heard them "loud and clear".

Millions of Americans have reported their insurance policies had been cancelled due to changes being made because of the 'Affordable Care Act'.

Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu said in a statement today,

“I’m encouraged that the President took action to stop the cancelation of insurance policies that people were promised they could retain. I was particularly happy to see the notification provision included, which is an important part of my bill. I will be working today and throughout the weeks ahead to support legislation to keep the promise. I remain willing to work with anyone who wants to strengthen the Affordable Care Act and keep the significant promise that it holds for our country. If this were easy it would have been done 100 years ago. But for the first time under the Affordable Care Act, middle class and hard working families, entrepreneurs, and small businesses will have access to affordable, quality health care that’s there when they need it most. And that is certainly something worth fighting for.”

Congressman Bill Cassidy says,

"The President and Senate Democrats lied about the American people being able to keep their insurance.  As far back as 2009, the administration knew that millions of people would lose their health care because of the rules they issued.  Senate Democrats unanimously rejected the Enzi Resolution to stop health insurance cancellations because of these rules.  Now what they set up to happen has happened and now that millions of Americans are having their insurance cancelled they say they knew nothing about it.”