The White House spokesman Jay Carney says President Obama plans to talk about economic fairness in State of the Union address tonight.

Carney says the President is expected to propose several agenda items aimed at helping the middle class.  Carney says President Obama will spend time discussing what he calls "responsibility and accountability" in the economic recovery.

This is President Obama's third State of the Union address.  Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels will deliver the formal Republican response. McConnell says Obama's speech should not be divisive.  He wants the President  to avoid, quote, "a re-packaging of the same ideas that have made our economy worse and our future more uncertain."

Republican Representative Doug Lamborn from Colorado will be boycotting the speech because he "wants to send a clear message that he doesn't support President Obama's policies and thinks they hurt the U.S. as the President is in full campaign mode and will use the address to bash his political opponents."