Some interesting numbers from Gallup on the Presidential race.  While Mitt Romney has come in second for the last month or so in the GOP race, these numbers bode well for the former Massachusetts Governor.  According to the poll, more registered voters say they will or they might vote for Governor Romney than they would for President Obama or Texas Governor Rick Perry.  The other interesting thing to note in the poll is the presence of the number for percentage that say they absolutely will not vote for him.  President Obama and Rick Perry are seeing 45 and 44 percent respectively in that department while Governor Romney has only a 35 percent in that area.

One year from now we'll know who the nominee is and whether or not they have a chance to beat President Obama.  For now, we can only read the tea leaves and see what they may or may not be telling us.  Time and again, I continue to see signs that the strongest candidate for President is not Barack Obama and not Rick Perry, but for the time being, it's Mitt Romney.  While the former Massachusetts Governor has Romneycare to deal with, he also has name recognition and the ability to connect with voters.  Rick Perry does come across as likable, but has not been vetted enough to satisfy everyone.  Barack Obama?  Well, let's not go there right now.

This is in no way an endorsement of Governor Romney and shouldn't be perceived as one.  That said, when you look at the Republican field of candidates, one of the most overriding thoughts that you have to be thinking about is, "Does this candidate have a chance of beating Obama?"  Rick Perry is not seeing numbers that lead you to that conclusion right now, Mitt Romney does.

Polls can change and they will.  Mitt Romney could head for shakier ground after today, but for right now, he appears strong.  It will be interesting to see what Rick Perry's campaign does with some of the issues that face him.  It will be the telling thing that shows us whether it will be the Texas Governor or the former Massachusetts Governor that will be debating Barack Obama a year from now.