A recent story from the Obama Non-Campaign Campaign Tour of Virginia and North Carolina has thieves stealing the one thing that President Obama needs when he goes anywhere...his TelePrompTer.

It seems rather poetic that a man known for taking the machine to a speech at an elementary school, among other places, now has no access to it when he takes his non-campaign swing through a couple of conveniently located swing states.  Now how will he know what to say when he gets there?  He won't have the screen that tells him what to say or how to sound eloquent.  He won't have that ability to wax eloquent when he speaks before potential voters.

Of course, this isn't a campaign stop and he isn't trying to get elected, so I guess he has a shorter script.  After all, he continues to say he wants Congress to "Pass this jobs bill" so maybe it isn't really all that big of a deal.

Still kind of poetic, if you think about it.