Pro-choice advocates protested outside the Governor’s Mansion, while pro-life supporters rallied on the steps of the Capitol today.

Executive Director for the New Orleans Abortion Fund, Amy Irvin, says they are concerned about the anti-abortion legislation signed into law by the governor. She says these laws could cost the state money, as they may be unconstitutional.

“Many of these pieces of legislation are unconstitutional and will be litigated, which will cost the state hundreds of thousands of dollars. So that is another issue that we want to bring attention to,” Irvin said.

Louisiana recently passed legislation tripling its waiting period for women to get an abortion, and a common second trimester abortion procedure will be soon be banned. There are other pieces of legislation moving through the process that could impact funding for abortion clinics in the state. Irvin says this kind of legislation will hurt women’s access to healthcare in Louisiana.

“Certainly with just four clinics in the state, there’s already an issue of access here in Louisiana. Women are already having to travel form other parts of the state to the remaining four clinics,” Irvin said.

But not everyone is upset about the legislation coming out of this session. Legislative Director for the Louisiana Right to Life, Deanna Wallace says they showed up at the Capitol to show their support for Governor John Bel Edwards and the pro-life bills that he’s signed.

“I think that we’ve had a very strong session to show that we respect life in Louisiana, that we are dedicated to protecting both the unborn and their mothers,” Wallace said.

Wallace says they’re glad that being pro-life in the state isn’t a right or left issue- it’s a human rights issue. She says these laws will not affect women’s ability to get quality healthcare in Louisiana.

“Louisiana women have real options for real healthcare. There are over 290 federally and state funded health clinics across the state that do way more and serve way more women, and children, and men,” Wallace said.