Litter in Lafayette is about to be put front and center with Project Front Yard. The campaign will be a multi-faceted 3-5 year anti-litter initiative. City-Parish President Joey Durel joined ‘Nathan and Bernie in the Morning‘ for his weekly ‘Lafayette Live‘ segment to discuss Project Front Yard and why he feels this campaign is a long time coming.

"It’s going to be a litter campaign, a beautification campaign, it’s going to strengthen our litter laws," said Durel. "It’s multi, multi faceted."

The campaign will seek to reeducated citizens about litter in Lafayette. Durel explains that aesthetics alone are not the only reason to stop litter. Drainage issues, wildlife damage, and potential loss of property can all result from litter.

People are going to have to learn that when you throw trash out the window, it goes into a drain and ends up in the bayou. It takes away the oxygen, kills the fish, and makes it that much uglier. - Joey Durel

Upon announcement of the project, criticisms were raised about public funding. However, Durel assures that the majority of the cash for the project has been raised by the private sector.

"When I tell you this is comprehensive, I’m telling you much of the money is being funded by the CEOs in the private sector," said Durel. "They have stepped up to the plate and they are willing to put their money where their mouth is."

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