Iberia Parish has already started their own version of "Project Front Yard", and now the program is expanding in St. Martin Parish.

The whole concept, which started locally in Lafayette, is to clean up, spruce up and make a cleaner, greener community for Lafayette, and now surrounding areas.

Lafayette City Parish President Joey Durel says,


“We recognized early on that Project Front Yard wouldn’t work if it is just a one-time cleanup effort.  We knew there had to be a cultural change within our communities and it had to cross parish lines. Project Front Yard was created with the idea that we would invite our neighbors to participate and we would share the project ideas and all collaterals.  We are happy that St. Martin and Iberia Parishes have embraced the initiative and we are hopeful that others will join us, too!”


The hope is to continue the work of revitalizing gateways in our communities along with removing litter from our roadways.

St. Martin Parish President Guy Cormier says,


“We are very excited to start this new initiative in St. Martin Parish.  The citizens have embraced the idea of improving upon and enhancing our community landscape and public spaces, which will benefit not only our residents, but our businesses as well.  In partnering with both Lafayette and Iberia Parishes, I believe we have a promising future ahead with Project Front Yard.”


Project Front Yard Volunteers 2, photo courtesy of Project Front Yard

The project idea was presented to St. Martin Parish earlier in April, and this past Sunday, April 19, the group held its "B3-Project Front Yard", meaning Beautify Before Benefit.

Project Front Yard, photo courtesy of Project Front Yard

Their event was held at the Clayton Boudreaux Memorial Park in Catahoula where they had about fifty volunteers of all ages come out to paint, pick up trash and remove tree branches from the park before their annual 2015 Church Fair.

If you would like to volunteer in St. Martin Parish for "Project Front Yard' You can call Holli Guilbeau at 337-394-4798 or email her at hguilbeau@stmartinparish.net.