For those who don't know, a Superfund site may sound like a good thing with the style of the name, but it isn't. This is is a site where the hazardous waste build-up is so severe that it will take a lot of excess time and money to clean it up.

The site of the old EVR-Wood Treating facility and the adjacent Evangeline Refining Company in Jennings have been proposed to be included in the list of Superfund sites in the United States. If the site is decided to be included on the list of Superfund sites, primarily if the site poses a threat to local ecosystems and environments, it would mean that money and a spot on a priorities list would be instituted by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The EPA stated that the land where the factories once stood is contaminated with arsenic, chromium, copper and other hazardous materials that are posing as threats to local wetlands and fisheries.

The site was documented as hazardous for a few years, but Tom Harris, with the EPA says that the cost of cleanup will likely run into "millions of dollars."