You have a chance to participate and provide suggestions that will improve and enhance water quality in the Atchafalaya Basin Region. The first in a series of meetings inviting your input for proposed water projects to the 2013 Atchafalaya Basin Annual Plan begins today in St. Mary Parish. It'll be at 6 o'clock in the Morgan City Auditorium on Myrtle Street. There will also be a meeting at the St. Martin Parish Council Chambers in St. Martinville a week from tomorrow at 6 pm as well.

You can get a nomination form here.

Fill it out, and you can either bring it to the meeting or mail it to:

La. Dept. of Natural Resources

Atchafalaya Basin Program

P.O. 94396

Baton Rouge, La. 70804.

Fax to 225-342-6887 or Email the form to

 An update on next year's Atchafalaya Basin Plan will also be given at each of the meetings.