It's been six years since Kathy and I have had the pleasure of holding and rocking a newborn.  As I type this my youngest stepdaughter is checked into a labor-delivery room as she embarks on the next big adventure in her life.  Later this evening hospital staff will administer drugs to start the whole birth process and by this time tomorrow we should have a newborn to hold and rock.

What a difference from when my daughter was born.  In those days you waited until Mother Nature signaled it was time to rush to the hospital so your child wasn't born at some in-appropriate time or place.  I guess since I'm not directly involved it seems like the whole birth process is much more organized.  Really strange but I think my son-in-law has it together...of course we'll see how "together" he is when the labor pains actually start!  We'll really see how together he is when the new parents take the baby girl home and they are alone with the full responsibility for the first time.

I know they will be outstanding parents and I really am glad to see that the whole process of birth is easier than in days past.

Rocking a warm little child to sleep on a cold afternoon while gumbo simmers in the kitchen.  I can't wait!