The District Five seat in the city of New Iberia has been held by Republican Oneal Jones III since April 30, 2011. He was the youngest elected official in the history of New Iberia last year when he was elected at 26 years of age.

Now, Raymond "Shoe-Do" Lewis, a Democrat, is challenging Jones in his reelection bid.

Oneal Jones III

When we asked him "What's the issue that means the most to you pertaining to your district,?" he talked about making sure that a safe environment is provided for the children and the elderly. He says even though the crime numbers are down, according to the sheriff's department, it's still a growing concern with robberies and shootings still going on:

The biggest thing for me right now is to make sure we are do everything in our power to try to help with the crime issues we have.

Now, he does recognize that this is more of a sheriff's issue than a councilman's issue, but he believes through cooperation with constituants in the area as well as with the youth and the elderly that they can come to a solution, working with each other to lower the crime.

When we asked him "Why should you be reelected over your challenger? What sets you apart?," he answered "I'm community-oriented and I'm a young man."

All the time we preach to our young people...about being a change in your community, about growing up and being different, doing something to give back to your area and standing up and being a leader. I think my position I'm doing something that has never been done, and that's a young person stepping up to the plate.

He cited being elected at a young age, but attributed that to the people of his district "that want to see some real change and also agree with me that it's time for us to start investing in our young people."

That's what my election was all about...being an example for young people to step forward and start taking some leadership roles in our government and trying to preserve the place where we came from...But another thing that sets me apart from my opponent as well is I try to stand on my own merit. I'm not going to take credit for anything that somebody else did or that a group of people did as a council...That's one thing I've tried to portray and I've tried to do while I've been elected.

Raymond "Shoe-Do" Lewis

Attempts to reach Raymond "Shoe-Do" Lewis in response to our questions have been unsuccessful.