The District Three seat in the city of New Iberia has been held by Democrat Robert Suire for over 24 years.

Now, another Democrat, David Broussard, is challenging Suire for his seat.

Robert Suire

When we asked him "What is the issue that means the most to you pertaining to your district?," he mentioned that the streets and drainage are in bad need of repairs:

She (Mayor Hilda Curry) hasn't done nothing in District 3 for quite awhile now. We've been doing some street repairs, but most of the money she has wasted in the parks right now...building parking lots.

When we asked Suire "Why should you be reelected over your challenger? What sets you apart?," he mentioned his accessibility to his constituents:

I think I have better qualifications. I have more accessibilty to them (voters). I'm at my store (Robert's Superette in New Iberia) every morning at 6:30 and I don't leave my store till 7:00 at night. It's easy access to the people to call me and talk to me. I get calls from a lot of other districts because I'm so easy to catch to.

David Broussard

Efforts to reach David Broussard have been unsuccessful.