I truly believe slavery is alive and well in this country.  This is a slavery that cuts across all color and religious barriers but effects all Americans.

A slave as defined by Merriam-Webster is "a person held in servitude" and I see a large group of Americans being held in servitude.  Those being held in servitude or slavery are the hard working taxpayers who work to provide free goods and services for a growing percentage of citizens.  Again I must stress this is not a race or color issue but one of providing and those being provided for.

We are raising another generation of Americans who have never worked but are fully able to work but not motivated to do so.  Some families have more than one generation that has never worked and another that is not qualified or unwilling to work.

Getting back to the definition of slavery are we who work not being held in servitude to provide for others who refuse to work?  Some don't work because they refuse to work, some are not educated or qualified to work and some are physically or mentally unable to work.  Those that are physically or mentally unable to work should be helped but the others should be trained to work and required to do so.

In many countries people are starving and don't know if they will be alive tomorrow.  Here in America some refuse to work because they get so much for free including free medical care and even free cell phones.  There is something drastically wrong with this picture!

Don't even get me started on illegal aliens getting free medical care, education and sending money untaxed out of the country.

So, I ask you who are the slaves?  Those getting all the free stuff or those working to provide the benefits?