The state republican party is fighting back against recall efforts that target Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and Louisiana House Speaker Chuck Kleckley. Louisiana GOP executive director Jason Dore says they are using television ads and yard signs in Kleckley's Calcasieu Parish district to rally support behind the House Speaker, including "reaching out to voters" and "working with (their) counter the recall effort."




Long-time Calcasieu teachers Angie Bonvillain and Brenda Romero launched recall drives against Kleckley and Jindal. They are upset that the recently approved education reform package was rushed through with very little public input. Bonvillain says they are about halfway to their goal of the 9,000 signatures it will take recall Kleckley.

People are mad that Chuck Kleckley has forgotten his people. He basically did not want to hear what we had to say because he had a political favor to repay for the governor. And it's hurting our schools.


It will take about 957,000 signatures to recall Jindal. The recall drives have until September 19th to gather the required number of signatures. Dore says the recall efforts are violating campaign finance laws, since they haven't disclosed who is funding their efforts.

The organizers are now saying that they are not affiliated with teachers' unions and they haven't received any union money...then where is the money coming from.


Bonvillain says they are talking with the secretary of state's office to make sure their recall efforts are not illegal.

Don't try to intimidate and threaten us by trying to make it seem like we're, you know, not doing this right. We're just trying to exercise our constitutional rights. I don't know why Mr. Dore has a problem with that.